Mount Bromo: One of The Most Exotic Mountains in Indonesia

Mount Bromo unarguably become one of several iconic mountains in Indonesia, especially in East Java.

The charm of Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is an active volcano at an altitude of 2392 meters above sea level. Mount Bromo is included in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS). To be able to enjoy the view of Mount Bromo, tourists must go to viewpoints. From the viewpoints, visitors can see the sunrise and the beauty of Mount Bromo. Also, visitors can visit the crater, the Savana, and the Ocean of Sand.

The beautiful scenery is complemented by a colorful sky background. The charm of Mount Bromo has become an iconic thing for Indonesia, especially for East Java.

Kasada Ceremony in Mount Bromo

Not only witness the charming sunrise view, but you can also see the Kasada Ceremony being held. Kasada is an offering ceremony in the form of Tengger crops to Sang Hyang Widhi. Later these offerings will be placed in the crater of Mount Bromo. The ceremony was held at Poten Lautan Pasir and the crater of Mount Bromo.

So if you also want to watch the ceremony, I suggest you come to this mountain in December or January.

The route to Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is located in East Java Province, Indonesia. The location of Mount Bromo is included in four regencies, namely Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang Regency.

But I suggest choosing the route of Probolinggo Regency. That’s because it’s easier and closer to the Bus Terminal and Train Station in Probolinggo.

Mount Bromo Tourist Attractions

The Beauty of Mount Bromo

The following are some of the travel destinations that you can visit in the Mount Bromo area:

1. Whispering sand

This sea of ​​sand is located near the crater of Mount Bromo. An area with a stretch of sand that resembles a desert landscape. The visitors can do various things such as taking pictures, riding a horse, or riding a dirt bike.

2. Bromo Crater

This crater is about 2 km from the parking area. Visitors can reach this place on foot or on horseback. Meanwhile, to reach the top of the abyss, visitors only need to climb the stairs. This crater is still emitting white smoke that indicates that this mountain is still active.

3. Teletubbies Hill

This is a hill that presents a row of beautiful and luscious green hills with neat-looking grass. The scenery is indeed quite similar to the one in the Teletubbies show. This place can be used as a fun photo spot.

4. The Savanna

The savanna is a characteristic of all tourist objects in the TNBTS area. Bromo’s Savana is located in a green valley surrounded by cliffs and several small mountain ridges. The location is simply in the southeast of Bromo. These savanna grasslands can be reached after going through the sea of ​​sand.

5. The Poten Temple

This temple is a place of worship for Tengger residents who embraced Hinduism. This place of worship tends to be open to the public. But usually, it will be closed ahead of the Nyepi celebration.

6. B29 Summit

This area is one of the favorite camping spots in the Mount Bromo area. It is located at the highest peak and higher than Penanjakan 1. Precisely in the area of ​​Argosari Village, Senduro District. It is about 40 km from Lumajang.

7. Penanjakan 1 or Viewpoint 1

Penanjakan 1 is one of the best spots to see the sunrise on Mount Bromo. This location can be reached by jeep, dirt bike, or on foot.

8. Penanjakan 2 or Seruni point

Penanjakan 2 is the second-highest peak in this national park area after the Penanjakan 1. Seruni point is another alternative as a place to enjoy the sunrise(Bromo Milky Way).

9. Mentigen Hill

Apart from Penanjakan 1 and 2, Mentigen Hill is also one of the best sunrise spots in Bromo. Here visitors can see Bromo Sunrise. Besides, this location is often used as a place to watch Sunset in Bromo.

10. Kingkong Hill

Kedaluh Hill or Kingkong Hill is also an alternative location to enjoy the sunrise at Bromo. Kingkong Hill is located in the Penanjakan Mountain area, approximately 2.5 kilometers from Penanjakan 1.

11. The Hill of Love

Besides the several spots above, there is one more hill to see the sunrise, namely Bukit Cinta. Not only watch the sun rising, but visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the valleys and hills covered in fog clouds.

Preparation Before Coming to Mount Bromo

Here are some things that must be prepared before traveling to Mount Bromo:

1. Choose the right time
In the dry season, you can ideally see the sunrise. But the view of the savanna is not good because the grass dries up. Meanwhile, in the rainy season, you will lose the sunrise scenery, but the savanna starts to turn green and looks good.

2. Be in Good health
The cold temperature could affect your physical condition. Don’t let your physical condition decrease, so you can’t enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo.

3. Book lodging in advance
By preparing a place to stay, you will not be confused on the arrival day. Especially in the holiday season, the inn will tend to be full. Even if there are still rooms available, the cost will be expensive.

4. Prepare personal equipment
To deal with cold temperatures, you should prepare a jacket, gloves, socks, and a mask. Also, don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the moments while on Mount Bromo.

New Policies for Travels to Mount Bromo

The following are some of the new policies that must be implemented for adventurers visiting the Mount Bromo area.

1. Online Booking / Reservation
Tourists can only buy entrance tickets online through the site.

2. Visitor Limits
BTSNP applies a visit quota that is limited to five tourist sites. For Love Hill, up to 42 people per day. Meanwhile, in Pananjakan, only 250 people per day, 129 people per day in Kedaluh(Kingkong) Hill, Savana Teletubies 694 people per day, and Mentigen 150 per day.

3. Age Requirements
Only 10–60 years old that can visit and tour the BTSNP area.

4. Bring a Health Certificate
Before traveling to the BTSNP area, visitors must be in good shape. They also have to show a health certificate from a doctor first.

5. Check Your Temperature
Before entering the BTSNP area, visitors should go through the temperature check procedure twice with an inspection distance of 5 minutes. If the temperature remains more than 37.30 degrees Celsius after the second test, the travelers can’t enter this area.

6. Wear Your Mask and Gloves
While in the BTSNP area, travelers must wear masks and gloves. If you don’t have one, you can buy it from traders in the TNBTS area.

7. Bring a Hand Sanitizer or Liquid Soap
BTSNP has indeed provided handwashing stations at several tourist points, including at the entrance. Even so, tourists must bring their own hand sanitizer or liquid soap to wash their hands privately.

8. Use Personal Equipment
BTSNP requires potential visitors to use personal equipment for various purposes such as eating, drinking, worship utensils, and other activities.

9. Physical Distancing
During their stay in the BTSNP area, travelers must watch their distance from other visitors. Not only that, but they shouldn’t gathering and always being in order.

10. Don’t Approach the Crater
Based on the recommendation of PVMBG PGA Cemorolawang, tourists are prohibited from visiting Bromo Crater. The safe radius limit is 1 kilometer from the crater. So I hope you guys consider not approaching the crater for your health.

11. Bring Down the Trash
To keep public facilities clean, tourists must bring the trash back down. Several public places such as prayer rooms, toilets, parking lots, and others must be kept clean from rubbish.

12. Maximum Passenger Limit
BTSNP limits the passengers in transportation services to a maximum of 50% of capacity. For those using a jeep, it is limited to one driver and three passengers. Meanwhile, there is only one driver and one passenger for the motorbike.

I hope this article will help you to get the information you need. If you want to know the newest update about the regulations and entrance fees, visit the official website of BTSNP.

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